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In the heart of the age where the speed of digital technology development and the steady media convergence make it harder and harder to identify the legal rules applicable to new media, it is felt a common need to find a time and a space for addressing regulatory issues, new trends of case law and practices adopted by the authorities of relevant areas of media law.
The time and space provided by MediaLaws to such debate is characterized by two features: the technical quality of comments and analysis (thus their “political neutrality”) and the use of the standpoint and method of comparative law, enhanced by the participation of foreign correspondents.

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Directors: Oreste Pollicino – Giovanni Maria Riccio

Editors: Lelio AlfonsoMarco Bassini (managing editor) – Gianluca Campus –  Luca BelliValerio LubelloNicolò Zingales

Steering Commitee: Oreste Calliano – Pasquale Costanzo – Filippo Donati – Emilio De Capitani – Valeria Falce – Giusella Finocchiaro – Carlo Focarelli – Vincenzo Franceschelli – Tommaso Edoardo Frosini – Alberto Maria Gambino – Federico Ghezzi – Nicola Lupo – Michela Manetti – Roberto Mastroianni – Luca Mezzetti – Cesare Pinelli – Giovanni Pitruzzella – Francesco Pizzetti – Michele Polo – Giorgio Resta – Giovanni Sartor – Salvatore Sica – Emilio Tosi – Giovanni Ziccardi

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