The PoSeID-on Blockchain-based platform meets the “right to be forgotten”

Adoption of disruptive technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, is more and more raising citizens’ suspiciousness based on (i) lack of trusted information, (ii) perception of intrusiveness on privacy and human rights, (iii) disrespect of legal obligations (including GDPR), and (iv) misalignment and lack of cross-fertilization between technology and legal experts. This paper aims at demonstrating how the technology is not a per se issue, as it can be used to create an ecosystem which can deliver a significant and measurable value to citizens and customers and the whole community. In this perspective, this paper describes the legal framework, the method and the results that are behind the compliance analysis of the Blockchain-based platform developed within the context of the PoSeID-on project. The paper, in order to identify the ethics and legal requirements used to perform the assessment of the PoSeID-on technology, introduces the ethics and regulatory framework on human rights, privacy, and data protection. The procedure for the assessment of the technology is described as well. An overview of the Poseidon project and its implemented Blockchain-based platform allows the reader to fully understand the objectives of the project, as well as the peculiarity of the specific implemented technology that has been designed to overcome many obstacles (e.g. regulation compliancy, individuals and organizations trust, investment size). Consequently, the paper describes the results of the compliance assessment performed on the PoSeID-on Blockchain-based platform. The paper concludes by showing that important aspects such as trustworthiness and sustainability can definitely contribute to improve the social acceptance of disruptive technologies, such as the PoSeID-on one, and consequently their wide adoption.
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