Why the EU needs a Digital Single Market: Speech by Vice-President Ansip in the European Parliament plenary session


Honourable Members,

It’s a pleasure to be back in the European Parliament and in Strasbourg. I agree with you that the Digital Single Market requires our immediate attention. For this, we need the Telecoms Single Market as a solid basis for the future.  I know this Parliament agrees with the ambitious plan to achieve a truly connected Digital Single Market, as can be seen in your resolution and your support for the Telecoms Single Market package. But I am worried about the direction that the Telecoms Single Market negotiations have taken in the Council, where Member States are divided.

The Telecoms Single Market is an essential building block of the Digital Single Market. Without it, we cannot achieve the rest. The European Council asked for it in October 2013, and tomorrow, in the Telecoms Council, Member States need to be ambitious and take a decisive step towards achieving it. What kind of Digital Single Market would we build without decent solutions on roaming, net neutrality and, more importantly, on spectrum? Here to read more.

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