Uk:changes in advertising of ‘unlimited’ and broadband speed claims


New guidance brings clarity to advertisers and consumers on the use of “unlimted” and “up to” speed claims in telecommunicatons and broadband ads.

The new guidance, issued by the bodies responsible for writing the Advertising Codes, the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), states that services should not be described as “unlimited” if users are charged or have their service suspended for exceeding a certain threshold e.g. 2000 texts.  Broadband providers may still manage traffic on their services, but if it affects users unduly, that too will likely render an “unlimited” claim misleading.

The guidance also states that maximum speed claims for broadband should be based on the actual experience of users.  In future, marketers should be able to demonstrate that the speeds claimed in their advertising can be achieved by a reasonable proportion of consumers. Here to read more.

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