The International Conference “Preventing and Combating Cybercrime” – Cluj-Napoca, 20-21 May

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You are cordially invited to attend
The International Conference “Preventing and Combating Cybercrime”
20-21 May 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Organized by the Faculty of Law, Babeş-Bolyai University
Main Partners: the U.S. Secret Service, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Romania, and Western Union
Also in Partnership with Blade Solutions; the Romanian Data Protection Authority; the e-Europe R&D Centre, Comenius University (Slovakia); the Cluj Center of the Institute for the Training of Lawyers; Romanian IP Law Association; Intensa; MediaLaws; CluJust; and Eco Romania XXI Foundation
Cybercrime has evolved significantly in sophistication and prevalence in recent years, representing a major threat, with significant implications for the national security, economic development, and public safety. This Conference aims to discuss essential aspects of the effective fight against cybercrime. In a comprehensive approach, the event will feature specialists from several domains or countries, with expertise in key areas.
We are pleased to invite you to submit papers for presentations at Conference.
Topics of interest would include:Cybercrime Legal Issues – Cybercrime Case Studies – Intellectual Property Crimes – Online Frauds and Identity Theft – Online Abuse and Exploitation of Children – Cyberstalking – Hacktivism – Cyberespionage – Multi-Vector Cyber-Threats – Advanced Persistent Attacks – Cybercrime Impact Analysis – Data Breach Litigation – Mobile Malware Trends – Cryptomarkets, Malware-as-a-Service, and Botnets – Models for Cybercrime Deterrence – Secure Online Authentication and Identification – Protecting Privacy and Public Safety Online – Trade Secret Protection – Protection Against “Petty” Cybercrimes – Cloud Legal Issues – Evidence Gathering and the Chain-of-Custody in Digital Investigations – Digital Forensics Analysis and Validation – Ways to Strengthening the Capacities of the Judiciary and Law Enforcement Institutions – Cyber Incident Reporting – International Cooperation in Fighting Cybercrime.
The papers accepted by the Conference Scientific Committee will be published in a book, under an ISBN reference.
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