The CNIL launches an investigation to verify the compliance of Clubhouse with the RGPD


Following a complaint, the CNIL questioned the American company Alpha Exploration CO, Inc, publisher of the “Clubhouse” application, on 12 March about the measures taken to comply with the RGPD.

The CNIL thus opened an investigation and carried out initial checks which revealed that such company has no establishment in the European Union.

Under these conditions, the “one-stop shop” mechanism of the RGPD does not apply and the CNIL is, like each of its European counterparts, competent to intervene.

However, the European authorities are communicating with each other on this issue, in order to exchange information and ensure a consistent application of the RGPD.

The investigation should confirm that the RGPD is applicable to the company and determine whether it is being ignored. If it is confirmed that the application published by this company does not comply with the RGPD, the CNIL may, if necessary, use its own repressive powers.

In addition, a petition with more than 10,000 signatures is currently circulating to alert the CNIL to possible privacy violations by the Clubhouse application.

Source: CNIL press release

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