Safer Internet Day 2013: “Connect with Respect”


On 5th February, Safer Internet Day 2013, the Commission has presented the results of joint work of media, technology, telecoms and online companies undertaken since their December 2011 commitment to make the internet a better and safer place for kids.

29 leading companies involved in this self-regulatory exercise have reported on how they will collectively set a new benchmark for child protection online. As a result of their commitments, all devices (including smartphones, tablets, computers and games consoles) could be equipped with parental control tools and screens with simple tools for users to report harmful content and contact. The industry is also working to ensure that parents are aware of, and make use of, these tools. In addition, best practices have been established in terms of age-appropriate privacy settings and effective take down of child abuse material. Also very promising is the commitments received on technology tools to promote wider use of content classification. Commitments will be deployed during 2013.

The average age for first going online in Europe is seven. Safer Internet Day 2013 is all about online rights and responsibilities, to encourage people online of all ages to “Connect with Respect”. Events are taking place across the EU and worldwide and, as of 2014, the EU and US will ‘celebrate’ Safer Internet Day” on the same day.

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said “I am very happy that these leading companies have responded to the call and worked together across sectors to produce concrete results. Child protection should get Board level attention. More is needed. I look forward to implementation in 2013 and to seeing a new benchmark emerging in the on-line industry: child protection by default”. Here to read more.

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