Promoting Cross‐Border Data Flows Priorities for the Business Community


The movement of electronic information across borders is critical to businesses around the world, but the
international rules governing flows of digital goods, services, data and infrastructure are incomplete. The
global trading system does not spell out a consistent, transparent framework for the treatment of crossborder
flows of digital goods, services or information, leaving businesses and individuals to deal with a
patchwork of national, bilateral and global arrangements covering significant issues such as the storage,
transfer, disclosure, retention and protection of personal, commercial and financial data. Dealing with
these issues is becoming even more important as a new generation of networked technologies enables
greater cross‐border collaboration over the Internet, which has the potential to stimulate economic
development and job growth. Here to read more.

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  1. mario guglielmetti on

    come si evince anche dai ‘marchi firmatari’ del documento, si tratta – chiaramente – della business community degli Stati Uniti.
    it goes without saying that – as also clearly stated at the end of the document – what is reported above is the position of the ‘e-business’ community of the United States.

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