Ofcom publishes latest telecoms complaints data


Ofcom today published its latest complaints data revealing the most complained about major telecoms providers between July and September 2011. The quarterly report aims to provide useful information for consumers, and also to incentivise telecoms providers to improve their performance.

Complaints about telecoms providers

Ofcom publishes complaints data for telecoms providers with a market share of over 4 per cent.  The number of complaints is published as a proportion of each provider’s customer base. This enables consumers to compare providers on a level playing field.

Ofcom has now published data covering a full year, enabling consumers to check providers’ performance over a longer period of time

Landline services

Ofcom’s data shows that from July to September 2011 it received the most complaints about TalkTalk Group with 0.77 complaints per 1000 customers. These have largely been driven by issues relating to billing and customer service issues. Here to read more.

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