Ofcom calls on broadband providers to improve speeds information


Mystery shopping to check compliance with Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice on Broadband Speeds has revealed that information provided to consumers by internet service providers (ISPs) has improved but has also identified areas where further work is needed.

Introduced in December 2008, the Code helps ensure that consumers are aware of the likely broadband speeds they can get on their line from an ISP before signing up to a service.

A strengthened Code came into force in July 2011, through which ISP signatories have committed to give maximum speed estimates in the form of a range as early as practicable in the sales process.

The research shows that in 93 per cent of telephone enquiries made by mystery shoppers, an estimate of the broadband speed was given by the provider, and in 72 per cent of cases an estimate was given in the form of a range. Here to read more.

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