No Disconnect Strategy – Workshop on a “European Capability for Situational Awareness” – 23 November 2012, Brussels, Belgium


You are all kindly invited to a workshop which will be held on 23 November 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss a key component of the “No Disconnect Strategy” of the European Commission, i.e. the development of a “European Capability for Situational Awareness”.

The purpose of ECSA is to augment EU decision-making capabilities with reliable and real-time (or almost real-time) information concerning human rights violations in connection with the digital environment. For further information see the full invitation below and the attached draft agenda (which will be updated in the coming days). The website of the workshop, where we will also publish preparatory material and the reports of the workshop, will be available shortly.

For further information on the content of the workshop, please write to me (<>).

To participate in the workshop (no fee, but no reimbursement of expenses, either) please write to Ms Katrin Alfano (<>) with your name/surname, nationality and ID / passport number.

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