Neelie Kroes:The politics of the completing the telecoms single market


nternal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee, European Parliament /Brussels

30 May 2013

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I am going to do something unusual today.

Instead of delivering the speech I prepared – the list of digital progress and concerns since our last exchange – I will send it today as a letter to Malcolm (Harbour).

On the plane to Egypt this weekend I was reading the speech and I realised something; we need a different and very political discussion about delivering a telecoms single market. So I address this remark to all Members of Parliament.

I will of course answer any question you may have about the Digital Agenda, in particular cyber-security. But let’s do more than that today.

You and I share the stake in this debate, so tell me: will join me in building something special between now and the European elections?

I want us to show citizens that the EU is relevant to their lives. That we made the digital rules catch up with their legitimate expectations.

I want you to be able to go back to your constituents and say that you were able to end mobile roaming costs.

I want you to be able to say that you saved their right to access the open internet, by guaranteeing net neutrality.

I want you to be able to say we took real action on cybercrime and other threats.

You know me: I am a person of strong opinions. And we have not always shared the same opinions.

But I want you to know that I’ve been impressed deeply by the commitment of this Parliament to telecoms and wider digital issues.

You kept fighting for change even when many leaders did not listen or understand. That’s impressed me and influenced me in a positive way.

I want to channel your knowledge and passion into the legislation needed to deliver a real single market.

It is my belief that we can deliver such a package – this full, final, package – around Easter 2014. Imagine that.

It will be good for Europe.

Good for the economy, yes – growth stimulated by breaking down barriers. But when I think about this package I think about people rather than numbers. Here to read more.

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