Neelie Kroes: Digital capital for a connected continent


It’s a pleasure to address you today.  We both see the same challenge from different perspectives. This is a market in transition, a world changing fast. We must adapt to digital opportunities.  You want to use ICT to do better business. I want to make digital tools work for Europe and the world. For a more competitive continent and a job-rich recovery.  One thing is absolutely clear: to me and I hope to you.  Every company in every sector is going digital. They are relying on new tools and technology – you just can’t avoid it.

Not that you’d want to.  Cloud computing, big data, social networking: all ways you can boost your business. Not just to save a few euros here or there, but to develop and expand and rethink.  Not just new apps and services, not just new platforms, but entirely new opportunities, entirely new business models.  These aren’t the opportunities of the future. They are already here: the future starts today. And we must be in a position to take advantage.  So what do those services all need? They need digital capital. Fast broadband, secure systems, digital skills. Here to read more:

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