Milan Court Rejects Samsung Bid to Ban Apple iPhone 4S in Italy


Samsung Electronics Co. suffered a major setback in its attempt to get a sales ban on Apple’s iPhone 4S in Italy. A Milan court on Wednesday rejected Samsung’s bid to block Apple’s latest smartphone sales in Italy, according to a Bloomberg report.

The report states that reacting to the court’s decision, Samsung announced: “we will review the ruling and consider all available measures to further protect our intellectual property rights and stop this free riding on our technology.”

Samsung also lost a similar case in France, when its bid for iPhone 4S sales ban was rejected last month.

The South Korean consumer giant and Apple Inc. are locked in a series of lawsuits in courts worldwide for patent rights. Both companies have accused each other of infringing copyrights, even as they continue their business partnership. Apple Inc. is Samsung’s biggest customer for smart chips, and Apple sources most of its raw material including its A5 processors from Samsung.

The patent war started in early 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of copying certain features of the Apple iPad into the Samsung Galaxy tab.  Apple is Samsung’s biggest rival globally in smartphone and tab segments.

Meanwhile in another news, Samsung today has announced record quarterly reports, powered by a boost in its Galaxy smartphone sales.

Source: International Business Times

Here the text of the decisions 12

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