Michel BARNIER:Single European Patent: a major achievement but still some way to go


Conference on the European Unitary Patent/Brussels

18 February 2013

Honourable Members,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for having taken part in today’s discussions.

By holding this conference – in close collaboration with the Irish Presidency (and I take this opportunity to thank them) – we have underlined the importance of the reform that we are in the process of implementing; this on the eve of the signature of the agreement on the unified patent court.

After almost 40 years of discussions, we are finally set to provide Europe with a unitary patent for the 25 participating Member States.

In order to develop their strategies, innovative companies will finally have at their disposal this new instrument issued by the European Patent Office (EPO). It will be based on a single application for registration, entail minimal translation requirements and cost much less.

Costs will be reduced by over 80%! In the history of European integration there have not been many steps forward of such significance, in such an important area.

This will be a major boost to competitiveness.

Of course, companies may still raise questions over some of the practical aspects. These questions have formed part of your discussions. Clearly the system will need to be run in. But the main aims have been fulfilled. This is a considerable achievement. Here to read more.

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