Journalism in the Digital Age – Verona, June 2013


Marco Bassini (University of Verona), an editor of MediaLaws, will hold a lecture on “Responsibility and deontology in journalism” at the Summer School of Journalism in the Digital Age organized by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Verona.

The Summer School of Journalism in the Digital Age (SSJ), brand new course among those offered by the University of Verona, proposes an in-depth investigation in journalism in the digital age. The main subjects of the course are the technical, communicative and linguistic aspects of information in the digital age, with particular focus on multimodality in web journalism.

The lectures will be delivered entirely in English in order to underline the international perspective of the course. The course will enable participants to improve their mastery of the English journalistic jargon and sharpen their skills in the professional globalized market.
The involvement of experts and professionals will allow to explore new frontiers in participatory journalism.

Issues related to social media, online reputation, intecultural globalized journalism and information law will be prominent.

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