Florence School of Regulation – Mediadem (EUI): Pluralism and competition in the Regulation of New Media

This conference forms part of the Mediadem Project  MEDIADEM (European Media Policies Revisited: Valuing &Reclaiming Free and Independent Media in Contemporary Democratic Systems) is a European research project onmedia policy-making processes in EU member states and candidate countries. Its purpose is to identify policy toolsand instruments that can best support the development of free and independent media. MEDIADEM is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme and it is coordinated by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy. (http://www.mediadem.eliamep.gr).

Pluralism and Competition

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  1. Marina Caporale on

    Gentili signori,
    chiedo cortesemente di sapere in che termini è possibile accedere ai lavori della conferenza e se è prevista la diffusione dei contenuti, eventualmente anche in streaming.
    Marina Caporale

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