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KCL Blockchain presents – TechLash

A panel discussion series that aims to explore a different aspect of the digital economy. Our inaugural event is focused on ‘Free Speech Online?’.

From the Trump ban of social media to the growing use of social media as well as the increase in privacy concerns and internet blockades – this panel will be focused on the issue of free speech, how it has evolved in the digital context, and the scope and potential for censorship online.

Our panel consists of Political scientists, commercial solicitors, and sociologists to provide legal and non-legal expertise on this topic and flesh out how social media and OTT platforms have impacted our understanding of the freedom of speech and the legal, business, and political fallout of the same.

The event is scheduled for Friday, March 5th – 5 pm GMT

For Registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/free-speech-online-tickets-1432986751


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