EVENT ALERT | Fundamental Rights Protection and Artificial Intelligence


MediaLaws is pleased to signal the panel “Fundamental Rights Protection and Artificial Intelligence” that will be hosted in the context of the CPDP Conference, the famous multi-stakeholder forum taking place this week in Brussels.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world in unprecedented ways, from enhancing efficiencies to raising critical ethical questions. This event brings together leading experts from academia and the privacy sector to discuss how we can safeguard fundamental rights in this new era of AI-driven innovation. The panel is organised by the ENCRYPT Project funded by Horizon Europe.

Giovanni De Gregorio, Católica Global School of Law (PT)

Marco Bassini, Tilburg University (NL)
Simona Demkova, Universiteit Leiden (NL)
Michèle Finck, University of Tübingen (DE)
Andreea Serban, Future of Privacy Forum (BE)

This is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between AI technologies and human rights, and to contribute to the ongoing conversation about ethical AI development. Don’t miss out on this chance to engage with top experts.

To register for the Conference and have more details about it follow this link.

Don’t miss out the info about the panel:

📆 22 May 2024

⏰ 8:45

📌 Maison de la Poste, Floor 2, Orangerie 2
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