EDPS Inventory 2013: data protection is essential across all EU policy areas


Today, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) published his 2013 work programme in the area of legislative consultation, including his strategic planning document, the Inventory. With this document, the EDPS identifies issues of strategic importance that will form the cornerstone of his consultation work for 2013.

Peter Hustinx, EDPS: “We live in a technically-mediated world that is constantly evolving. The visibility and relevance of data protection is, thus, greater than ever. The need to take account of the privacy and data protection implications of legislative proposals is becoming essential in all areas of EU policy and leads to an influx of new policy areas for us to deal with. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the fundamental right to data protection cannot be regulated only in data protection law, but that many other different policy areas have to take data protection into account.”

As the EDPS faces increasing challenges and activities at a period of budget restraint, the Inventory outlines a strategy and actions that will maximise the impact of the EDPS’ work on data protection at EU level and increase efficiency by being more selective and making the best use of resources.

The key areas of strategic importance that will form the basis of the EDPS’ consultation work for 2013 comprise:

  • A new legal framework for data protection,
  • Technological developments and the Digital Agenda,
  • Further developing the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice,
  • Financial sector reform, and
  • eHealth

In addition, the EDPS will consider issuing opinions on the integration of data protection in other policy areas of the EU, such as competition and trade.

The ongoing work on one of the largest legislative dossiers in recent years – the two proposals for reforming the EU data protection framework – is the subject of intense speculation and interest to stakeholders at national, European and international level. Here to read more.

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