EDPB announces the outcome of its 43rd Plenary Session


On December 15th, the EDPB met for its 43rd plenary session. During the plenary, a wide range of topics was discussed. The EDPB adopted its Strategy 2021-2023, wherein four issues are drawn, and a Support Pool of Experts (SPE) is established for expertise, investigation and enforcement purposes.

On Brexit, the EDPB issued a statement and an information note about the imminent end of the transition period (especially with regard to data transfers to third countries).

Following public consultation, the Board also adopted three distinct guidelines, respectively on: restrictions of data subjects under Article 23 GDPR; Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2); transfers of personal data between EEA and non-EEA public authorities and bodies.

Finally, it adopted a statement on the protection of personal data in relation to finances-freezing due to money laundering or terrorism.

Source: EDPB Press Release

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