EDPB, 42nd Plenary Session: SCCs, supplementary measures, and the future of ePrivacy Regulation


On November 19th, the EDPB met for its 42nd plenary session. During the plenary, the European Commission presented the two new sets of draft Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). EDPB Chair Andrea Jelinek commented: “Together with the EDPS, the Board will now thoroughly draft a joint opinion on the two sets of draft SCCs as invited by the European Commission”.

More on the session: the Members of the Board decided to extend the deadline for the Recommendation 1/2020 on supplementary measures following Schrems II  until 21 December 2020. Lastly, they adopted a statement on the future ePrivacy Regulation (link available soon), in which the EDPB expressed concerns about some new orientations of the discussions in the Council which could lead to fragmented supervision and procedural complexity; in view of consistent interpretation and efficient enforcement, the Board calls for entrustment of GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation to the same authority.

Source: EDPB Press Release

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