“Digital Constitutionalism Seminar”. Platform regulation: DSA and DMA intersections”.


MediaLaws is pleased to announce that last 23rd of November, DigiCon co-founder Giovanni de Gregorio met with experts Sumeyye Elif Bieber, Jerry Spanakis, and Friso Bostoen to discuss the future of platform regulation from different points of view, during the “Digital Constitutionalism Seminar”.

Through their perspectives, participants in the seminar examine the implications of the Digital Market Act and the Digital Service Act from the standpoints of consumer protection and competition law, emphasizing how these legislative texts are a crucial first step in taking on the monopolies and powerful entities resulting from social media platforms by imposing several rules that they have to abide by. Nonetheless, experts underline that there are also plenty of risks and unanswered questions. These include the high technical nature of these digital regulations – which is a problem that is also present in other regulatory texts at the European level –  and the lack of concreteness and monitoring of compliance with transparency obligations. Furthermore, consumers and the general public lack sufficient knowledge and are not adequately aware of how these social media platforms interfere with their day-to-day lives. As a result, even though the legislature’s intention seems good, it hasn’t been fully achieved because of some form-related explanation and undue formality.

You can find the presentation in the video below:

Digital Constitutionalism Seminar: Platform Regulation

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