Digital Agenda: further action needed to safeguard children – Commission report


How Member States are implementing EU Recommendations ensuring children can enjoy the digital world confidently and safely are reviewed by the European Commission in a report presented today. Member States and industry are increasingly making efforts to implement EU Recommendations dating from 1998 and 2006 on the protection of minors using audiovisual and online services. But the measures taken have been insufficient overall.

In concrete terms, the report shows that EU countries are not responding adequately, or have varying approaches to tackling and reporting illegal or harmful content, ensuring children access age-appropriate content, making social networks safer for children and protecting children from harmful video games. For example, there are many differences between Member States in the way hotlines check the illegality of, or the harm involved in, the content reported to them, track its source and notify it to the competent authorities. Similarly, EU countries use different age rating systems and technical means to keep website and games age-appropriate. The report shows that there is considerable scope for enhancing children’s protection in these sectors.

The Commission will address these issues later this year in a comprehensive initiative to empower and protect children who use new technologies. Here to read more.

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