Digital Agenda: From hospitals to Hollywood, EU-funded technology research is making a mark


ICT research is dramatically changing the possibilities open to people as diverse as victims of brain injuries and video game makers. Partners from Hollywood to hospitals are now reaping the benefits of this EU-funded research. Forty-five of Europe’s best ICT research projects are on exhibition the EU’s first Innovation Union Convention held in Brussels on 5-6 December 2011.

3D cities – the V-City project

The V-City project integrates 3D modelling and virtual reality to reconstruct whole cities in 3D format using maps, photos and data in just a couple of hours. The 3D products include facades, roofs and greenery (see image). Developed by researchers from Belgium, France, Italy, and Switzerland, V-City technology in the form of the CityEngine product has been used by Disney and Pixar to re-create cities like London and Tokyo, where chase sequences of the movie “Cars2” took place and has a huge future in the cultural, gaming, urban planning and architectural industries. The French Government will be also using V-City technology integrated in the Virtual-Geo product to publish geo-reference data about the whole French territory. Here to read more.

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