Digital Agenda: Commission facilitates deployment of car radar systems to boost road safety


Authorisation to use the 24 GHz radio frequency band for short-range anti-collision radar in cars has been extended until 2018 by a European Commission decision. This temporary extension will ensure short range car radar systems remain available on the market until manufacturers develop technology using the 79 GHz band, which was the operating frequency designated for such systems back in 2004. Only 0.05 % of cars in Europe are equipped with such radar systems, which currently all use the 24 GHz band, and are mainly in luxury cars. Manufacturers have encountered difficulties in developing systems using the 79 GHz band, so that technology in the 79 GHz band has not developed as fast as initially predicted by the industry. As a result, 79 GHz-technology is not mature enough for commercial deployment in cars by 2013, when the use of the 24 GHz band by these systems had been due to end.  Here to read more.

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