Digital Agenda: awards show how digital technologies can help reduce exclusion and improve job prospects


The European Commission has awarded prizes to the winners of the eInclusion awards at the Digital Agenda Assembly held in Brussels on 21st and 22nd June 2012. People from all walks of life participated in two categories of a competition: “I am Part of IT” designed for individuals and organisations whose use of IT helped overcome exclusion or brought new skills; and “Be Part of IT” designed for organisations or individuals who champion e-Inclusion by undertaking and supporting relevant initiatives.

The Digital Agenda proposed a series of measures to promote the take-up of digital technologies by disadvantaged groups, such as lower-skilled, unemployed people or those living with a disability.

The eInclusion awards were established by the European Commission to discover organisations and individuals across Europe who champion new technology and are able to harness the potential of the internet to improve their lives. The latest Digital Agenda scoreboard shows that 25% of the EU population still lacks IT skills and only 53% are confident that their computer and internet skills are sufficient if they need to change or find a new job within a year. Here to read more.

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