Data Protection Debate with Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP & Pat Walshe, GSMA


Debate hosted by Jennifer Baker, leading ICT journalist with Jan Philipp Albrecht, theEuropean Parliament’s rapporteur on the general data protection regulation, and Pat Walshe, GSMA’s director of privacy – public policy.

The live debate covers the following topics:
– explicit consent
– legitimate interest
– third country transfers
– data breach notifications

The aim of the Parliament’s proposal for a new general data protection regulation is to update the current legislation dating from 1995. Key issues of the proposal are the explicit consent, the revocable permission a person has to give in order to allow the processing of their personal information, legitimate interest, the data controller’s interest in the processed data, third country transfers, when data which was processed in an EU country is made available in a country outside the EU, and data breach notifications, the notification to the data protection authorities when a breach has taken place. 4000 amendments were tabled in regard to this highly controversial legislative proposal. The vote in the Civil Liberties Committee will take place Monday, 21st October 2013, the final vote in the plenary is due to take place before the European elections in May 2014.

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