“Creative Europe” Programme fully operational in 20 14


The Council adopted today the regulation establishing the “Creative Europe ” Programme for the period 2014-2020 ( PE-COS 77/13 ), which brings together in a single programme the three current independent programmes: CULTURE, MEDIA and MEDIA MUND US. It has a budget of €1.46 billion 1 , and a two-fold objective: promoting cultural and linguistic diversity and enhancing the competitiveness of the cultural, audiovisual and creat ive sectors, taking into account in particular the challenges created by globalisation and digital technologies. It comprises two sub-programmes: CULTURE and MEDIA, a s well as a cross-sectoral strand, which includes a financial instrument for the cultural and creative sectors 2 , and transnational policy cooperation The new programme will provide EU support to non-profit organisations (mostly beneficiaries of the CULTURE programme) and to commercial enterpris es (mostly beneficiaries of the MEDIA programme), aiming to encourage cooperati on and the circulation of creative and cultural products both within the EU and with third countries, thus integrating international aspects of audiovisual cooperation from the MEDIA MUNDUS programme.  Here to read more.

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