Copyright: AGCOM issues a draft Regulation and starts a 60 days public consultation


AGCOM Board, chaired by Corrado Calabrò,  has approved a draft Regulation about Copyright protection in electronic communications networks. As a result of a public consultation on general  principles and guidelines (with  55 partecipants representing all Stakeholders) the Draft will be subject to a new 60 days public consultation with the aim of acquiring proposals and comments of stakeholders and thus enable a further participation of the public opinion on the debate on the current draft regulation. Chairman Calabrò said: ‘We have issued a carefully fine tuned  text, from which we deleted possible ambiguities and problems, thus dispelling any doubts about the proportionality of the measures and limits of AGCOM powers and about the relationship between administrative interventions and the prominent powers of the Judiciary. The text will now undergo a new broad term public consultation aimed to acquire comments and suggestions. It is AGCOM intention to  stimulate a thorough debate, open to all contributions and all the voices of civil society, the Web community and all the relevant Stakeholders. With this in mind,  I have also expressed my availability to be heard by the competent Parliamentary Committees on the draft regulation whereas the Parliament deems it appropriate’. Here to read more.

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