Commissioner Barnier welcomes the European Council’s agreement on the seat of the Unified Patent Court – the final element in the patent package


“I am pleased that the Member States have reached the long-awaited agreement allowing for the achievement of our initiative on the European unitary patent. The compromise reached today is a decisive step towards the creation of a unitary patent and a common patent court in Europe.

The reform will create a simpler application process and considerably reduce the costs for obtaining patent protection. All future unitary patents will eventually be available in all official EU languages, thus ensuring the dissemination of knowledge and benefiting inventors. I hope that Spain and Italy will also join the new regime soon.

Europe is falling behind the US and China in number of patents granted. The new rules, once in place, will increase the potential for inventions and innovation within the European Single Market and reassert Europe’s competitiveness. It is my hope and firm determination that the first unitary patent will be registered in 2014.

Today’s agreement paves the way for the European Parliament to vote. I would like to acknowledge the excellent cooperation that we had with the European Parliament”. Here to read more.

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