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Are you intrigued by the ever-evolving world of new technologies and their profound influence on our daily lives? Have you always aspired to be part of an editorial team comprised of fellow young individuals who share your enthusiasm for addressing the ongoing challenges posed by the digital realm? Are you currently a university student in your first, second, or third year, pursuing studies in law, economics, or political science? Do you possess a strong command of both the Italian and English languages? Have you participated in courses or seminars related to the intersection of law and technology?

If your response is affirmative, then MediaLaws is your ideal editorial platform! As a vibrant and youthful entity with a vigilant focus on the latest developments originating from Italy and across the globe, which shape the landscape of the 4.0 era, our blog, also accessible on all major social media platforms, has been fostering discussions on digital subjects and the overarching concept of “onlife” since 2010. It has evolved into a central hub for students, academics, and aspiring legal professionals who share a fervor for one central theme: NEW TECHNOLOGIES!

Hence, we are actively seeking Students Executive Editors (SEEs) like yourself, who are eager to collaborate with both junior and senior researchers in overseeing the blog’s operations, aiding in its expansion, and establishing it as the foremost resource for anyone delving into the realm of #LegalTech.

In your role as SEE, your responsibilities will encompass monitoring updates on legal cases from international, European, and national courts, and crafting concise reports suitable for publication on the blog. You will collaborate closely with the Editorial Board of the blog, offering initial evaluations of contributions proposed for publication. Furthermore, you will play a pivotal role in the actual publication process of contributions, managing MediaLaws’ IT tools, and overseeing the blog’s social media presence. Lastly, you will work alongside us to propose and generate innovative digital content ideas aimed at enriching the blog even further!

• Students in their first, second, or third year of university studies in law, economics, or political science (applications from students in other degree programs will also be considered).
• Proficiency in both Italian and English.
• Basic knowledge of topics related to law and technology (e.g., attending university courses, seminars, or experience in associations, etc.).
Interest in the themes covered by MediaLaws.

Skills to be acquired:
• SEE will gain skills in editing, content research, and selection, all valuable for thesis writing or further activities at professional firms.
• SEE will work closely with professors and researchers, expanding their network.
• SEE will learn the ins and outs of maintaining a professional blog.
• SEE will have the opportunity to acquire and improve their communication skills, including social media post preparation.

How to apply:

Interested people have to send a brief letter of introduction (maximum 500 words) and a CV (specifying their year and course of study) by no later than 2 October, 2023. Address:

The collaboration is unpaid and lasts for one year (October 2023 – September 2024). Applications will be evaluated within one week of the submission deadline.

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