CALL FOR PAPERS | “My Data Is Mine” Award 2024


MediaLaws is pleased to share the call for papers for the fifth edition of the “My Data is Mine” Award, which will take place at the prestigious Web Summit in Lisbon on November 13th, 2024. The event, organized by the Consumer Empowerment Project, seeks to champion young scholars under 35 who are pioneering advancements in data protection and artificial intelligence (AI).

Interested parties can submit scholarly papers (5000-8000 words) that delve into critical aspects of data environmentalism within the AI landscape. Topics include:

1. Publicly Available Data: Analyze legal, ethical, and societal implications of using publicly available data for AI training.
2. Synthetic Data and AI: Explore advancements, challenges, and implications of synthetic data in AI development.
3. Sustainable Generative AI: Discuss strategies for optimizing data usage in generative AI research.
4. Other Related Topics: Address ethical considerations, bias reduction, privacy-enhancing technologies, and policy recommendations in AI.

Papers will be judged based on relevance, originality, significance, clarity, and practical applicability. The winner will receive a 1000 euro prize and present their paper at the ceremony (travel and accommodation expenses covered).

Submit your paper by September 30, 2024, and retain the right for independent publication. Selected papers may be included in a book by the Consumer Empowerment Project in 2025.

Engage with leading researchers, practitioners, and students to shape the future of AI and data protection. Visit for submission guidelines and more information.


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