CALL FOR PAPERS| IEEE World Congress – Special Session on Applied Medical AI Ethics


Medialaws is pleased to share the Call for Papers of the ‘IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence’ for the Special Session on Applied Medical AI Ethics. 

Any paper regarding any ethical issue (including interpretability, fairness, and accountability) that arises from AI systems is welcomed; in particular, the organisers are interested in techniques applied in the context of the biological or medical domain. With the discussion about ethical and legal issues, authors are strongly suggested to include a computational part in their paper.

It is suggested to send papers on the following topics:

• Explainable/Interpretable AI systems for medical decision support

• Right of explanation and Trustworthy AI in the biomedical field

• Biases in AI systems and debiasing techniques

• Fair methods for data preprocessing

• Fairness metrics in the context of biomedicine

• Unbiased data augmentation and privacy-preserving generative models

• Anonymization and pseudonymization of biobanks

• How personalized medicine through AI systems can contribute to mitigating discrimination and inequalities in healthcare

• The use of synthetic data to protect personal data

• Legal and ethical issues of data collection, data cleaning, feature/variable selection, and other phases of the development

• Ethical framework for medical AI systems

• Ownership of patients’ data and conditions for reuse

• Social consequences of a biased AI model

• AI regulation proposal and AI models in biomedical research

• Legal and ethical issues concerning the use of smart robots for surgery

• Ethical issues of open-source medical AI systems

• Comparative perspectives on the above issues in different areas


Please be aware that the submission deadline is January 15, 2024.

Click here for the format and the conference fees.

More info about the call for paper is available here: CALL YOKOHAMA IEEE WCCI 2024.

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