CALL FOR PAPERS | Computing the law, regulating the algorithm: the transformative power of digital ecosystems


Discover the transformative power of digital ecosystems at the third edition of the “Lawtomation Days” conference! This event will explore how advanced technologies can create sustainable, inclusive, and ethically sound environments.

Attendees will delve into automation’s impact on fields like consumer law, criminal law, labor law, public law, private law, and trade law, while also evaluating key regulatory initiatives such as the AI Act, DMA, DSA, and Data Act. Expect insightful research and critical discussions that bring a realistic perspective to digital transformation.

Featuring renowned keynote speakers, dynamic panel discussions, and exceptional networking opportunities, this two-day conference is a must-attend for those at the intersection of law and technology.

Don’t miss the opportunity to present your work and contribute to shaping the future of law in the digital age. Submit your proposals by June 15, 2024! Individual abstracts and fully formed panels are welcome, offering a platform for thought-provoking research and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Be part of this pioneering event and make your mark on the evolving landscape of law and technology.

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