Advocate General Jääskinen considers that search engine servic e providers are not responsible, on the basis of the Data Protection Directive , for personal data appearing on web pages they process


National data protection legislation is applicable to them whe n they set up an office in a Member State which orientates its activity towards the inhabitants of that State, so as to promote and sell advertising space , even if the technical data processing takes place elsewhere

In early 1998, a newspaper widely circu lated in Spain published in its printed edition two announcements concerning a real – estate auction connected with attachment proceedings prompted by social security debts. A person was mentioned as the owner . At a later date an electronic version of the ne wspaper was made available online by its publisher.

In November 2009 th is person contacted the publisher of the new spaper asserting that, when his name and surnames were entered in the Google search engine, a reference appeared linking to pages of the new spaper with the se announcements . He argued that the proceedings had been concluded and resolved many years earlier and were now of no relevance. The publisher replied that erasure of his data was not appropriate, given that the publication was effected by order of the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Here to read more.

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