2021 My Data is Mine Award to Giovanni De Gregorio and Pietro Dunn


Euroconsumers has announced that the winners of the 2021 My Data Is Mine Award are Giovanni De Gregorio and Pietro Dunn!

Giovanni and Pietro have been invited to present their paper during a ceremony at the 2021 Web Summit in Lisbon. The Web Summit is the largest tech event in the world, where CEOs, members of the Fortune 500, as well as founders of start-ups from all over the world count among the participants.

Mr Dunn and Mr de Gregorio’s paper concerns data profiling of consumers and citizens, and argues the regulatory strategy adopted by the EU with respect to profiling is largely based on a risk-based approach. This approach is to balance the safeguarding of fundamental rights, including data protection, whilst avoiding creating a legal framework that is overly burdensome and stifles the opportunities of data.

More info https://www.euroconsumers.org/activities/winners-of-the-2021-my-data-is-mine-award

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