The London Conference on Cyberspace


Within the space of just over a decade cyberspace has revolutionised how many of us live and work.  Access has grown from 16 million internet users in 1995 to nearly 2 billion today, more than half of whom are in developing countries.

The rapid development of a globally networked world offers enormous social and economic opportunities.

Held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, the London Conference on Cyberspace on 1-2 November will be hosted by the Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, the Rt Hon William Hague MP.  It will launch a more focused and inclusive dialogue between key cyberspace actors from across the world including from government, industry and civil society. This will aim to develop a better collective understanding of how to protect and preserve the tremendous opportunities that the development of cyberspace offers us all.

The ideas and proposals which emerge from the conference will develop into the ‘London Agenda’, a plan to help us realise the full potential of cyberspace – one of the great challenges of our time. Here to read more.

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