Giovanna De Minico and Oreste Pollicino are pleased to inform about the publication of the new book ‘Virtual freedoms. Terrorism and the Law’ (Routledge-Giappichelli), edited by them.


In the book a Group of International Scholars, member of the International Association of Constitutional Law, in particular belonging to the research group “Constitutions in the age of the Internet” ( ) examines the challenges of maintaining security in the fight against traditional terrorism while protecting fundamental freedoms, particularly online freedom of expression. The topics discussed include the clash between freedom of speech and national security; the multijurisdictional nature of the Internet and the implications for national sovereignty and transnational legal structures; how to determine legitimate and illegitimate association online; and the implications for privacy and data protection. The volume is appreciable, not only for the contents, but also for the approach: a completely new bottom-up method, due to the specific theme and the scientific sensibility of these scholars.

Book description, Index and list of contributors are available on the web site ( .

An International Conference will take place very soon to discuss about the book and ahead.

We will keep you inform about it on this site.



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