EDPB & EDPS: Joint Opinion on new sets of SCCs


On January 15th, the European Data Protection Board together with the European Data Protection Supervisor have adopted a joint opinion on the two new sets of Standard Contractual Clauses – they were presented at the Board during the 42nd Plenary session.

The Controller-Processor SCCs will have an EU-wide effect and aim to ensure full harmonisation and legal certainty. In light of this, several amendments were asked in order to bring more clarity to the text and further clarify the different role and responsibilities of each party.

The draft SCCs for the transfer of personal data to third countries will replace the existing SCCs adopted on the basis of Directive 95/46. The aim is to bring them in line with GDPR requirements, as well as taking into account the Schrems II judgement, and to better reflect the widespread use of new and more complex processing operations often involving multiple data importers and exporters.

Source: EPDB Press Release

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