Digital Agenda: Five new cross-border online public services


The European Commission is showcasing a family of five new online public services to the “Borderless eGovernment Services for Europeans” conference of the Polish Presidency in Poznan this week. The five projects have already demonstrated concrete benefits for citizens, businesses and governments during their pilot phases. eGovernment must not stop at national borders, and these five projects prove that it does not have to, making the lives of citizens and businesses easier, while being more efficient and cost effective than existing public services. The Commission provided half the funding for the projects (€62.67 million out of €125.34 million). Poland, currently holding the EU Presidency, participates in a project piloting the use of eDocument, eDelivery, eSafe and eServices for people working in the travel industry, real estate or construction, through its Institute of Logistics and Warehousing in Poznan. Here to read more.

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