MEPs call for concerted action to stop illegal online gambling and protect children


Parliament called on the Commission to explore the possibilities for stronger cooperation to fight illegal online gambling and protect vulnerable consumers in a vote on Tuesday. Stronger cooperation among Member States, common standards or a framework directive could be possible tools to this end, MEPs say.

EU Member States should be free to maintain their own rules on online gambling, MEPs stress. However, due to the cross-border nature of this activity there is a clear added value to be gained by an EU-wide coordinated approach in some areas, notably the fight against illegal gambling and protecting children and vulnerable adults from addictions.

About 10% of all gambling in Europe, with a market volume in excess of € 10 billion, is done on the internet, via mobile phones or interactive platforms and the market is growing. The non-legislative resolution by Jürgen Creutzmann (ALDE, DE) sets out Parliaments position on the Commission Green Paper of March 2011.

“Member States must work must closer together on this issue. However, this will not suffice to solve the problems outlined. In the future, the EU will also have to play a stronger role”, said the rapporteur in the debate prior to the vote. Here to read more.

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